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Football is back on the virtual streets. Electronic Arts is a video game featuring a FIFA 20 football simulation and is part of the 26th famous FIFA series. This time, FIFA will return its sport to smaller street football environments, and further game improvements and better player adaptation will make this contribution necessary for FIFA fans. Click the Download button to download the demo version of the game!

Sweet Street Kicks – A new feature called VOLTA Football contains 20 prominent words in FIFA. Literally translated from Portuguese, VOLTA Football is committed to returning to the old school street of FIFA. The goal of FIFA 20 will be more personal and more down-to-earth, while staying cool with other existing features. With VOLTA you can play Rush 3v3 (without goalkeepers), 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5 and Professional Futsal indoors and outdoors, in specially prepared stadiums around the world. Whether on the Amsterdam bot track, in a cage near London or on the roof of Tokyo, VOLTA gives you a new side of street football. This is a great change compared to regular 11v11 games. With the new features, it’s even more fun to customize your in-game avatar with sweet moves. It doesn’t matter if the boy or girl on your avatar can have a variety of clothes, hairstyles, tattoos, and festive emotions in play. You can look great by browsing various VOLTA football options such as VOLTA Story Mode, VOLTA League online games, creating your own team in VOLTA World and watching your favorite teams play on the streets as VOLTA launches. FIFA 20 tempo is your function (({(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Better tactical or team play. This new goal brings new changes to the mechanics of football. The game now has football intelligence where the ball has better properties: the ball has more time and space, improving its physics and unique abilities. For better protection, players now have to manually control the goalkeeper. Players without the ball also spread more authentically across the field. The mechanisms of shooting, dribbling and overtaking have become more realistic. There are new free throws and free throws. Even the FIFA 19 timed feature has been updated, and the options window is faster so as not to abuse the high-risk fee. All in all, these improvements will provide a better experience as the new VOLTA football feature in FIFA Ball Now FIFA 20 with smaller settings and a focus on more realistic physical conversations in dynamic motion will lead to more satisfying football matches you can play with everyone around the world. The corrections are minor, but playfully very monumental. FIFA 20 is popular among all football fans who want to separate from the big leagues every now and then.

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